Affiliated Organisations

Department of National Registration

Department of National Registration issues “National Identify Card” to every citizen of Maldives above the age of 10 years and temporary cards to children below the age of 10 years.

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National Archives

National Archives is a statutory body established by Act No. 16/2011 (Maldives National Archives Act), mandated with formulating archiving policies; and archiving official documents, photos, videos, charts and information.

National Bureau of Statistics

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) governs all matters relating to collection, compilation, dissemination and use of statistical data, by setting the procedures to be adopted, for the establishment of an effective statistical system in Maldives.

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National Centre for Information Technology

National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT) was established on the 25th of March 2003 by Government of Maldives as the main government agency for the development, promotion and propagation of Information Technology (IT) in the Maldives.

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