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Privatization and Corporatization Board
11 December 2022 Share Tweet

Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB), consisting of 7 members was established under the ‘Law of Privatization, corporatization, monitoring and Evaluation of Government businesses’ (Law no. 3/2013) to carry out privatization, corporatization, monitoring, evaluation, selling of public shares from Government companies, Government shareholding companies and commercial government businesses as under this law and all procedures relating to such activities. The Public Enterprises Monitoring and Evaluation Division plays the role of the Secretariat of PCB.

Email: pcb@finance.gov.mv

Board Members

  • Mr. Asim Mohahmed


  • Ms. Aishath Shazlee

    Non-Executive Member

  • Ms. Rushaha Ahmed Shareef

    Non-Executive Member

  • Mr. Ali Shafeeu

    Non-Executive Member

  • Mr. Ahmed Shareef Yoosuf

    Non-Executive Member

  • Mr. Ahmed Yameen

    Secretary General

    Responsibility: Overall in charge and oversee the Secretariat of PCB

Annual Reports

PCB Annual Report 2021

Dhuveli Angaidhey Report

July - December 2021

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