Procurement guideline and job classification framework for state owned enterprises launched
08 April 2021 Share Tweet

Male’, Republic of Maldives— The Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) have today officially launched the Procurement Guidelines and Job Classification Framework for State Owned Enterprises.

The two pivotal documents were launched by the Auditor General Mr. Hassan Ziyath during a launching ceremony held today at Ghiyaasuddeen International School.

The Procurement Guideline sets out key principles to be followed by SOEs, on a ‘comply or explain’ basis, which sets out standards to be followed in tendering and procurement of goods and services by SOEs. While the guideline acts as a guiding document, SOEs are required to revise their respective internal procurement processes in line with the guideline with the principle objective of achieving fairer, transparent and accountable procurement process.

The Job Classification Framework is intended to harmonize human resource frameworks of State Owned Enterprises by setting out common standards with respect to hiring of staff at different levels as classified under the framework.

During his remarks at the ceremony, Chief Guest Mr. Ziyath stressed on the importance of the two documents, particularly towards good corporate governance of SOEs.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Finance Honorable Ibrahim Ameer also echoed similar sentiments and reflected strongly on the Government’s commitment towards fighting corruption.

“This Government has does not only talk about ending corruption, we also lead by example. The policies and frameworks implemented, such as this [Procurement Guideline and Job Classification Framework] testifies to this undivided commitment of the Government’s effort to curb corruption,” he said.

“These policies are made to ensure that those who engage in such illicit acts are brought before justice.”

The event, organized by PCB was attended by officials from the Anti-Corruption Commission, members of parliament as well as key executives of a number of SOEs.