Government securities listed for the first time on the Maldives Stock Exchange
28 December 2023 Share Tweet

Today marks the historic inaugural for listing of government securities in the Maldives Stock Exchange, which is an important milestone towards the development of the domestic market. This will pave way for businesses and the general public to buy and sell government securities in the secondary market.

A special ceremony was held today at the Ministry of Finance to commemorate this historical event. The event was attended by representatives from the Maldives Stock Exchange, Capital Market Development Authority and Maldives Pension Administration Office.

Speaking at this ceremony, Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Shafeeq highlighted that this listing marks the achievement of a historical milestone towards the development of domestic securities market, allowing to create a liquid and active secondary market in the Maldives.

The Treasury Bonds were issued with a coupon rate of 5.5% per annum and the maturity set for December 2028, were successfully placed with a total of 50,000 bonds at MVR 1,000 per bond.

The listing of long-term treasury bonds on the Maldives Stock Exchange and the facilitation of trading in the secondary market are important steps taken by the Government to further expand and develop the domestic financial market. The government will continuously work towards the development of domestic market and plans to issue short and long term securities to the market in the coming days.

Government securities have been listed in the Maldives Stock Exchange in a historic event. A special ceremony to commemorate this historical event was held today at the Ministry. Representatives from MSE, CMDA and MPAO attended the event.