Minister of Finance meets World Bank's Regional Vice President for South Asia, Mr. Martin Raiser
03 February 2024 Share Tweet

Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Shafeeq met with the World Bank’s Vice President for South Asia, Mr. Martin Raiser and his delegation Saturday morning. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Finance.

During this meeting, discussions were held on the macro-fiscal outlook and reform initiatives, and future collaboration between the Ministry and the World Bank to achieve sustainable economic growth.

World Bank’s Vice President for South Asia, Mr. Martin Raiser and his delegation are currently on an official visit to the Maldives. Members of the World Bank delegation who participated in Saturday’s meeting include Country Director for Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka Mr. Faris H. Hadad-Zervos, Regional Director Mr. Mathew A. Verghis, Regional Director Ms. Nicole Klingen, Country Manager for Maldives and Sri Lanka Ms. Chiyo Kanda, Lead Education Specialist and Program Leader Ms. Ayesha Y. Vawda, Country Economist and Resident Coordinator, Mr. Erdem Atas, Lead Country Economist and Program Leader Mr. Gregory Smith, Special Assistant to the Vice President Mr. Kishan Abeygunawardana and Operations Officer Mr. Ibrahim Rishad.

Minister Dr. Shafeeq was accompanied for the meeting by Advisors to the Minister, Mr. Ahmed Naseer and Mr. Ahmed Munawar, Ministers of State for Finance, Mr. Hussain Sham Adam and Mr. Ahmed Mazin, Accountant General Mr. Mohamed Azad, Deputy Ministers of Finance, Mr. Ahmed Saaid Musthafa and Mr. Hassan Miras, Chief Financial Budget Executive Mr. Ahmed Saruvash Adam, Chief Debt Management Executive Ms. Maryam Abdul Nasir and Chief Resource Mobilization Executive Dr. Mohamed Yammai.