Minister of State for Finance Inaugurates MAPS Assessment Workshop in the Maldives
27 May 2024 Share Tweet

In a significant step towards enhancing procurement systems in the Maldives, the Minister of State for Finance, Mr. Ahmed Mazin, inaugurated the launching workshop for the Methodology for Assessing Procurement Systems (MAPS) assessment.

The MAPS assessment aims to evaluate and strengthen the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of procurement processes within the country. By adopting international best practices and tailored strategies, the Maldives seeks to optimize public procurement systems.

Mr. Ahmed Mazin expressed his commitment to enhancing transparency, accountability, and value for money in public procurement. He emphasized that a robust procurement system is essential for sustainable development and economic growth.

Following the workshop, the Ministry of Finance will collaborate with MAPS experts to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Maldives’ procurement systems. Recommendations and action plans will be developed to address identified gaps.

As the Maldives embarks on this transformative journey, stakeholders anticipate positive outcomes that will benefit citizens, businesses, and the nation as a whole.