Ministry of Finance holds the first internal audit conference 2023 - shifting the mindset - adding value through internal audit
02 March 2023 Share Tweet

The Internal Audit Conference of 2023 was the first of its kind and served as a critical platform for sharing knowledge and best practices among organizations and experts in the field. The conference was held under the theme "Shifting the Mindset - Adding Value Through Internal Audit", which emphasized the importance of internal audit in ensuring good governance and accountability. It witnessed the launch of the Internal Audit Portal, a new online platform that will allow organizations to easily follow up on internal audit recommendations. The Strategic Action Plan of the State Internal Audit Committee was also launched, outlining the key priorities and objectives of the committee for the next few years. Panel discussions led by experts covered the latest trends, challenges, and strategies in internal audit. Overall, the conference contributed significantly to efforts to improve governance and accountability across the Maldives.