Ministry of Finance launches online portals to modernize public finance services
24 June 2019 Share Tweet

Modernizing and streamlining the services provided to the public by the Government of Maldives is a top priority for the Ministry of Finance to ensure greater convenience and ease of accessibility. 

The Ministry launched 6 Portals today, which will provide services that are of great value to the public and government institutions. Mr. Ali Hashim was invited to commemorate the event.

The Portals launched today will provide the following services:

(1) Generate E-mail and SMS notifications upon completion of payment by the Government to Vendors’ accounts;

(2) Compile a register of all government employees;

(3) Update the SAP user request form, whereby a manual form no longer needs to be submitted. Users will be able to submit requests through the Portal and monitor the status of their requests as it progresses.

(4) Collect information about SOE’s through the SE Gateway and provide an online platform through which the public can view this information with ease.

(5) Modernize the formulation of the state budget and launching of the BPC module in SAP to government institutions.

(6) Provide updates on the status of PSIP projects through an online platform.