Minster Ahmed Munawwar has launched NCIT's e-Admin Payroll System Module
20 September 2017 Share Tweet

The Payroll module of eAdmin system has been officially launched today. The new module was launched by Minister of Finance and Treasury, Mr. Ahmed Munawwar at the function held by NCIT at Bandos Maldives today.

eAdmin is a system that was developed by NCIT to standardize and automate the daily administrative tasks of government organizations.

This is a system developed based on 3 main modules, which are Peoples Module, Service module and Performance Module.

During the year 2013, most of the features of Peoples Module in this system were already developed where more than 16 organizations are currently using this system.

However, launching of the payroll module will complete Peoples Module in EAdmin system enabling the organizations to manage their staff information, daily attendance and generate salary as per the set Civil Service regulations. Furthermore, this will allow the organization to automate the staff salary whereby saving the time and making the work more efficient.

NCIT aims to deliver the system to all government organizations by 2018.