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Project Type. Invitation Ref No Procurement No
Procurement Name
Project Sector Agency Published Date Submission Date Status
Goods (IUL)13-K/13/2021/87 TES/2021/G-003 Procurement of Goods: Three Outer Island Waste Collection Vessels.
Waste Ministry of Environment 18/03/2021 29/04/2021 11:00 New Tender
Non- Consulting Services (IUL)13-K/13/2021/106 TES/2021/NC-002 Health Insurance Service for Former Parliament Members, Parliament Members and Dependents
Health People's Majilis 06/04/2021 20/04/2021 13:00 New Tender
Goods (IUL)13-K/13/2021/108 TES/2021/G-007 Procurement of Vehicles for Island Level Waste Collection Systems of Zone 2 (Batch 1)
Waste Ministry of Environment 08/04/2021 06/05/2021 10:00 New Tender
Goods (IUL)13-K/13/2021/59 TES/2021/G-002 Supply, Install, Configure, Develop and Maintain NSW Software and Hardware (Turnkey NSW System)
Information Technology Ministry of Economic Development 25/02/2021 19/04/2021 11:00 Clarification
Works (IUL)13-K/13/2021/101 TES/2021/W-081 Construction of N.Kudafaree School 8 Classroom and Multipurpose hall
Education Ministry of Education 25/03/2021 22/04/2021 11:00 Clarification
Works (IUL)13-K/13/2021/81 TES/2021/W-067 Construction L.Kunahandhoo School04 Classrooms, Library and Laboratory
Education Ministry of Education 08/03/2021 05/04/2021 10:00 Evaluation
Works (IUL)13-K/13/2021/81 TES/2021/W-066 Completion of Multipurpose Gdh.Atoll School (Gahdhoo School) hall
Education Ministry of Education 08/03/2021 05/04/2021 10:00 Evaluation
Goods (IUL)13-K/13/2021/104 TES/2021/G-006 Procurement of ICT Equipments for MNDF JOC
Information Technology MNDF 06/04/2021 27/04/2021 11:00 Clarification
Goods (IUL)13-K/13/2021/113 TES/2021/G-008 Supply and Delivery of one Bulldozer for immediate measures on Thilafushi Island
Waste Ministry of Environment 06/04/2021 06/05/2021 11:00 New Tender
Works (IUL)13-K/13/2021/52 TES/2020/W-039 Design, Survey & Construction of N.Manadhoo Harbour Channel Works
Harbour / Channel Works Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure 23/02/2020 15/03/2021 10:00 Cancelled