Seaplane terminal operation was leased in the most profitable way: Minister Ameer
20 February 2020 Share Tweet

Minister of Finance Honorable Ibrahim Ameer stated that several aspects were considered regarding the leasing of the new Seaplane terminal that is being developed by MACL. During the press conference that was held today at the President’s Office to provide information on the Seaplane terminal operation, Minister Ameer stated that the leasing arrangements that was proposed by the previous government has been stopped due to several issues and the new proposed solution will generate more revenue and benefits to the Government.

“The work that was done by the previous government to hand over the operation of the Seaplane terminal to a specific Operator was stopped. The decisions that have been made by the Government now would bring a profit of $ 33 million to MACL. However, if the Seaplane operation is been given as per the arrangements that were done by the previous Government, the Auditor General has estimated that $ 5 million would be the profit that MACL would stand to gain from this arrangement.” Minister of Finance Honorable Ibrahim Ameer.

During the press conference Economic Minister Uz. Fayyaz Ismail stated that one reason for leasing the Seaplane terminal for 2 years at the current price, was to give time for MACL to prepare for the operation. “MACL has stated that they require 2 years to get ready for the terminal operations with technical expertise and resources.“ Minister of Economic Development Honorable Fayyaz Ismail.