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Internship Program
29 December 2018 Share Tweet

MInistry of Finance and Treasury welcomes all who are interested to seek a career in the fields of economics, accounting, and financial management. Our internship program have been proven to provide valuable knowledge and experience for students who complete secondary or higher secondary education.

Here are some quotes from our interns:

I began my internship right after my A’ levels, through which Ministry of Finance and Treasury had provided me with a close experience to a real civil service job, as well as an insight to the variety of its functions. The wide range of tasks I got to perform and observe had in time cleared my sense of direction towards my future. I had been mentored by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff at ministry who’ve had invested their time and effort in modeling me and teaching me. As a corporate, I’ve seen and experienced how this ministry appreciate and cherishes its employees, which created a great atmosphere to work at. This had led me into deciding this ministry to be the perfect workplace for me to settle permanently as I have now after six months of internship.

Mariyam Isha Ahmed

Working at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has taught me a lot and I believe this experience has greatly contributed to my personal development. My senior colleagues are hardworking employees of the ministry, and takes particular attention to ensure that I experience a wide variety of work. My time here and my experiences has broadened my understanding of finance and management, as well as improved my interpersonal skills. It has been a truly unique experience and I am thankful for being able to work here for nearly one year now,

Ibrahim Maazin Maahir