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Awarded Projects
Project Type. Procurement No
Procurement Name
Project Sector Agency Awarded Party Awarded Amount Awarded Duration Summary
Works TES/2019/W-007 TES/2019/W-007 Harbour Rehabilitation, Waste Processing, Administrative Building, Workshop and Civil Works (Platform) for C&D Plant, Recycling Yard, and ELV Dismantling Workshop at Thilafushi (Package No. CW/01). Harbour / Channel Works Ministry of Environment Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc MVR 11,134,702 178 Days Not Available
- TES/2019/W-037 TES/2019/W-037 Design and Build basis for Construction of Water Supply and Sewerage Facilities in 11 Islands - Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure 0 Not Available
- TES/2019/G-010 TES/2019/G-010 Supply and Installation of Turf in 13 Islands - Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment 0 Not Available
- TES/2019/CA-010 TES/2019/CA-010 Catering Service for MPS Staff and Inmates at Ha. Dhidhoo- Retender - Maldives Police Service 0 Not Available
- TES/2019/CA-011 TES/2019/CA-011-R01 Catering Service for MPS staff and inmates at N. Manadhoo - Maldives Police Service 0 Not Available
- TES/2019/CA-012 TES/2019/CA-012-R01 Catering Service for MPS Staff and Inmates at M. Muli- Retender - Maldives Police Service 0 Not Available
Consulting Services TES/2018/C-005 TES/2018/C-005 - Public Awareness and Community Capacity Building (PACCB) Consultant for the Greater Male Environmental Improvement and Waste Management Project - Phase 1 Consulting Services Ministry of Environment Live & Learn Environmental Education Inc, Australia (Lead) with JV partner Live and Learn Environmental Education, Maldives USD 844,854 View Download