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Awarded Projects
Project Type. Procurement No Procurement Approach
Procurement Name
Project Sector Agency Awarded Party Awarded Amount Awarded Duration Awarded Date Summary
Goods NT/2023/SSP- 132 Single-Source Selection Supply of brand new 20 cars for government Goods Ministry of Finance State Trading Organization Plc (STO) MVR 13,810,910 75 Days 25/12/2024 View Download
Works NT/2023/SSP- 131 Single-Source Selection Completion of 9 classrooms at L. Maavashu School Education Ministry of Education Evosun Maldives Private Limited MVR 8,816,014 365 Days 03/09/2024 View Download
Works NT/2023/SSP- 130 Single-Source Selection Th.Veymandoo School 03 Storey Building Education Ministry of Education Tic Tac Investment Pvt Ltd MVR 13,398,965 365 Days 03/09/2024 View Download
Works NT/2023/SSP- 124 Single-Source Selection Construction of 12 Classrooms at L. Fonadhoo School Education Ministry of Education Tic Tac Investment Pvt Ltd MVR 13,969,469 330 Days 23/07/2023 View Download
Goods NT/2023/SSP- 129 Single-Source Selection N. Kendhikulhudhoo School 02 Bus and 01 Bus for L. Gan Hamad Bin Khaleefa Al’Saany School Goods Ministry of Education Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc (MTCC) MVR 11,625,525 180 Days 21/08/2024 Not Available
Goods NT/2023/SSP- 123 Single-Source Selection Renewal of M365 Licenses with Procurement of additional licenses Information Technology Maldives Police Service Microsoft Corporation USD 1,354,291 1 Year 04/07/2023 View Download
Goods NT/2023/SSP- 128 Single-Source Selection Procurement of VRV Air-condition Systems Goods Maldives Police Service State Trading Organization Plc (STO) MVR 8,448,509 80 Days 15/08/2024 View Download
Works NT/2023/SSP- 127 Single-Source Selection Completion of Multipurpose Hall at Dh. Meedhoo Education Ministry of Education Swift Engineering Private Limited MVR 8,633,633 365 Days 10/08/2023 View Download
Non- Consulting Services NT/2023/SSP- 122 Single-Source Selection Security for Addu Equatorial Hospital Health Addu Equatorial Hospital Maldives Police Service MVR 45,638,908 05 Years 20/06/2023 View Download
Works NT/2023/SSP- 121 Single-Source Selection B.Kihaadhoo Coastal Protection Project Coastal Protection Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure M.T Hogaard Private Limited MVR 15,682,840 6 Months 28/03/2023 View Download