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Project Type. Procurement No
Procurement Name
Project Sector Agency Awarded Party Awarded Amount Awarded Duration Summary
Consulting Services TES/2019/C-025 TES/2019/C-025 - Project Management Consultancy for Design and Build of Hulhumale’ Office Building. Consulting Services Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure Mansour Alrasdhan Engineering Consultant, (Kuwait) in Association with Xepublic Holdings Private Limited, (Maldives) MVR 3,200,884 12 Months View Download
Non- Consulting Services TES/2020/CA-001 Catering Service for MPS staff at Dh. Vaanee Police Training Center Catering Maldives Police Service South Catering- South Enterprises Pvt Ltd MVR 260 3 Years View Download
Works TES/2019/W-036R01 TES2019W036R01 - Design and Build of 100 Housing Units at Lh.Naifaru. Housing Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Rasheed Carpentry and Construction Pvt Ltd MVR 72,274,662 330 Days View Download
Goods TES/2019/G-024 TES/2019/G-024 Supply and Implementation of Hospital Management Information System Health IGMH ICT Health LLC USD 1,538,808 View Download
Works TES/2019/W-153 TES/2019/W-153 - Design & Construction of Single Storey 100 Housing Units at Th.Thimarafushi Housing Ministry of Housing and Urban Development SJ Construction Pvt Ltd MVR 71,510,250 364 Days View Download
Works TES/2019/W-155 TES/2019/W-155- Construction of Holy Quran Building at Gn.Fuvahmulah Construction works Ministry of Islamic Affairs Maris Construction Company Pvt Ltd MVR 6,214,108 300 Days View Download
Goods TES/2019/G-030 TES/2019/G-030 - Supply of Waste Collection Vehicles for HDh.Kulhudhuhffushi and GDh.Thinadhoo Waste Ministry Of Environment Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd MVR 4,318,758 90 Days Not Available
Works TES/2019/W-145 TES/2019/W-145 | Design and Build of Harbour Upgrade in Dh.Meedhoo Harbour / Channel Works Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc MVR 36,823,998 408 Days Not Available
Works TES/2019/W-136-R01 TES/2019/W-136-R01 Construction of Proposed 12 Classrooms at Irushaadhiyya School, S. Maradhoo, MaradhooFeydhoo Education Ministry of Education Maris Construction Company Pvt Ltd MVR 8,170,764 300 Days Not Available
Works TES/2019/W-156 TES2019W-156 | Construction of L.Gan Mathimaradhoo Mosque Mosque Ministry of Islamic Affairs Afami Maldives Pvt Ltd MVR 4,900,345 360 Days Not Available