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Awarded Projects
Project Type. Procurement No Procurement Approach
Procurement Name
Project Sector Agency Awarded Party Awarded Amount Awarded Duration Awarded Date Summary
Works TES/2020/W-055 Design and Build of New Health Centre at Th. Kandoodhoo Construction works Ministry of Health Duplex Pvt Ltd MVR 13,972,920 300 03/12/2020 Not Available
Works TES/2020/W-075 Construction of Extension Building at R. Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital Health Ministry of Health Alia Construction Pvt Ltd MVR 72,190,247 239 Days 20/01/2021 View Download
Goods TES/2020/G-010-R01 Supply and Delivery of 6 Sea Ambulance for MNDF - RETENDER None Ministry of Defense Al Shali Marine Maldives Pvt Ltd MVR 13,997,604 90 Days 11/02/2021 View Download
Works TES/2019/W-162 Construction proposed Hulhumale’ New School (S’alaah’udhdheen School) Education Ministry of Education Amin Construction Pvt Ltd MVR 118,336,880 390 Days 21/01/2021 Not Available
Works TES/2020/W-072 Construction of Proposed 12 Classrooms and Multipurpose Hall at Sh.Foakaidhoo School Education Ministry of Education Duplex Pvt Ltd MVR 17,932,652 210 Days 20/01/2021 View Download
Works TES/2020/W049-R01 Completion of remaining Works of Madharasathul Sheikh Ibrahim Multipurpose Hall and 1 Classroom - 2nd Tender Education Ministry of Education Pensare Maldives Pvt Ltd MVR 5,796,656 177 Days 15/10/2020 View Download
Works TES/2020/W-064 Design and Build of Proposed School -1 in Hulhumale Phase II, under Contractor Finance Education Ministry of Education Rasheed Carpentry and Construction Pvt Ltd MVR 243,119,269 18 Months 06/06/2021 View Download
Works TES/2020/W-051 Finishing Works of Extention Building at Gdh.Madaveli Health Center Health Ministry of Health A Man Maldives Pvt Ltd MVR 5,432,786 259 Days 27/10/2020 View Download
Works TES/2019/W-131 TES/2019/W-131 - Design and Build of Jetty and Harbour Upgrade in R.Rasgethemu Harbour / Channel Works Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure Heavy Force Pvt Ltd MVR 53,180,069 420 Days 25/12/2019 Not Available
Works TES/2020/W-053 International Competitive Bidding (ICB) Design-Build of Male’ and Vilimale’ Waste Transfer Station including supply and installation of equipment Waste Ministry of Environment China State Construction Engineering Corporation, LTD USD 11,907,662 730 Days 07/04/2021 Not Available