COVID-19 Front-line Allowance

Our frontline workers have been critical in the effort of protecting the health of individuals amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This demanding work of doctors, nurses, lab technicians and all frontline workers have been conducted diligently and with great care while bearing unprecedented risk.

As such, the "COVID-19 Frontline Allowance" was introduced to incentivise frontline workers exposed to different levels of risk associated with the COVID-19 health protection efforts. These frontline workers have been grouped into 3 risk categories, which determine the value of allowance paid out.

The 3 risk categories are as follows:

High Risk
  • Eligible if nature of work requires direct contact with COVID-19 patients
  • Allowance: MVR 500 /daily*
Medium Risk
  • Eligible if nature of work requires direct contact with high-risk individuals
  • Allowance: MVR 250 /daily*
Low Risk
  • Eligible upon logging in more than 6 hours of work at the National Emergency Operation Centre each day
  • Allowance: MVR 200 /daily*
*For each day worked at the frontline


Data as at: 28 February 2021

Disbursement (MVR)
101.97 million
No. of Front-line Workers

Individuals & Households

Business Enterprises

Government Finances

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