Government of Belgium
04 August 2020 Share Tweet

Maldives received assistance from the Government of Belgium (GOB) during 2006, as part of Tsunami Disaster Relief. The assistance for the relief includes:

• USD 80,000 through Food and Agricultural Organization for immediate provision of agricultural inputs to worst affected fisher and farmer groups in the Maldives in 2005.

• USD 1,280,000 through UNDP for the Emergency Shelter response and recovery for the tsunami affected people of Maldives, implemented by UNDP in 2006.

• USD 782,793 through UNDP for the Restoration of Critical Infrastructure project implemented in 2005.

Additionally, GOB aided with the development of Hulhumale project in 2001. It was the first assistance Maldives received from GOB.

GOB and the Maldives

2001Hulhumalé reclamation and social HousingEUR3,598,584